After-Visit Protocols

Standard protocols make our practices more efficient and our recommendations more consistent! Most practices have protocols set for in-person care, but what about for virtual care?

Here are some topics we recommend having set protocols for:

  • Sending pre-visit information- how to download the app, how to take good pictures and videos
  • Types of medical cases the team is comfortable seeing
  • How to handle emergencies in telehealth
  • Post-visit followups- when to check back in for what types of medical needs
  • Post-visit prescriptions and products- online pharmacy, in-clinic pickup, or calling in to local pharmacies
  • What to do if an in-person visit is needed after a virtual visit
  • Medical record keeping for virtual visits

Getting your team on the same page will result in happier clients, more efficient teams, and consistent recommendations. Protocols can be made using software for decision trees like Zingtree, or free services like Google Docs. However it works best for your practice, just make sure your team sets and follows your protocols for the best experiences for everyone involved.