Point of Care Diagnostics

This session will introduce point of care diagnostic devices, and how they can be used in multiple clinical care settings from telehealth to in-hospital. We’ll discuss a variety of devices used in practice, from smart stethoscopes, wearable devices, to litterboxes that send text messages. Obtaining high quality medical data is critical to successful telehealth practices, and we’ll discuss how these devices can be used by pet owners at home to provide the remote medical team accurate quantitative data to make better medical decisions for a variety of conditions. Attendees should use this course to improve their current telehealth offerings and learn how to use new technologies to improve their patient outcomes.
Dr. Jess Trimble is a veterinarian who is passionate about how virtual health and new technologies can improve the lives of the whole veterinary team and enhance practice operations, while also improving pet health and making care more affordable. She is an experienced general practitioner, telehealth consultant, speaker, and the Chief Veterinary Officer of Anipanion.

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Point of Care Diagnostic Devices generally provide data as accurate as traditional testing methods.

Pet Owners could use a POC device to obtain what information from home:

POC devices are only used in telehealth settings.

Point of Care Diagnostic Devices:

Remote monitoring devices, like smart collars and smart litterboxes, can provide quantitative health data from home without relying on the pet owner to measure data.