Telehealth for Boarding and Grooming

Veterinary telehealth through Anipanion has many in-hospital uses, like triage and medical rechecks, but can extend into additional non-medical services such as boarding and grooming. Utilizing Anipanion to connect with pet parents that are bringing their pets for a haircut and style, or dropping off their fur babies for a week-long stay will increase the quality of care you offer and give clients peace of mind that their pets are being cared for while away from home. Here are ways to use Anipanion for boarding and grooming services. Many pet parents are apprehensive and anxious when boarding their pets someplace new for the first time. Providing a facility tour and meeting kennel employees can assure them that their pets are in good hands.
  • Provide a real-time facility tour to new pet parents- can pre-record.
    • Kennel spaces
    • Play yards
  • Meet and greet kennel staff
    • Set up a real-time session for the pet parent to connect with the kennel manager or a kennel staff member prior to boarding
    • Discuss daily schedule and pet needs
      • Feeding times
      • Play sessions and exercise
      • Medical concerns
      • Behavioral needs
      • Specific medications
      • What to do in case of emergency or illness
Streamline communications and create in house efficiencies by sending documents, booking boarding times, and communicating with pet parents using Anipanion’s asynchronous chat feature. This will free up phone lines and save staff time.
  • Schedule boarding online
  • Send documents prior to boarding
    • Hospital policy
    • Curbside procedure if necessary
    • Hospital Release forms
    • Contact info
    • Specific medical needs of the pet
      • Medications list and dosing info
      • Any additional services needed
        • Exam
        • Nail trims
        • Vaccines
        • Bathing
        • Grooming specifics
  • Collect payment
  • Send daily alerts to pet parent while boarding
    • Eating, drinking, playing, sleeping updates
    • Send pictures
    • Update when additional services have been completed
Pet parents usually form a special bond with their groomer. Anipanion can further facilitate this relationship by enhancing communication with real time video and asynchronous chat.
  • Set-up a real-time meet and greet with new grooming clients and the groomer prior to the scheduled appointment
    • This will ease pet parent anxieties at drop off and they will have clear expectations about what will happen the day of grooming.
    • They can discuss
      • Grooming process
      • Pet parent preferences on cut and style
      • Types of shampoos (medicated vs nonmedicated)
      • Any dermatological concerns
      • Behavioral issues during grooming session
Similarly to boarding, grooming services can utilize Anipanion’s chat feature for communication throughout the day, schedule appointments, and send alerts.
  • Schedule grooming appointments online
  • Send documents prior to appointment or drop off time
    • Hospital policy
    • Curbside procedure if necessary
    • Hospital Release forms
    • Contact info
  • Collect payment
  • Send alerts to pet parent while grooming
    • Send pictures
    • Update when grooming is done
    • Pickup time
By bringing Anipanion’s telehealth services into your practice, you can elevate your level of services by offering streamlined and efficient communications to your clients. This will create a more positive experience for you and the pet parent leading to better client retention, less time on the phone, less parking lot or lobby bottle necking, and can foster stronger relationships between your staff and clientele.

Real-World Scenario


Pet: Sampson

Owner: Mrs. Difficult

2 yo, 90lb, MN Goldendoodle

Medical History: Healthy and UTD, but hyperactive

The patient is new to your hospital, but Mrs. Difficult desperately wants Sampson groomed before she goes on vacation. He has been groomed before, but was wild. His current vet prescribed Trazodone to give the night before and morning of grooming. Her groomer is unavailable and wants to try your groomer. An appointment is made.


Scenario A

Mrs. Difficult arrives with Sampson for her grooming appointment. Although your lobby is open, she choses curbside check to mitigate her chances of contracting Covid. The groomer is speaking with another client and 2 others are waiting for him as well.

To help, a technician goes out to the crowded parking lot to bring Sampson in. Mrs. Difficult wants Sampson cut as short as possible since it is summer, but no more than 1 inch from the skin.

Sampson is barking wildly in the car and the technician has trouble hearing Mrs. Difficult. Another technician comes out letting her know that there is an emergency coming and the technician needs to get inside now. The technician takes Sampson and lets Mrs. Difficult know that she will be called when he is ready for pick up.

The technician runs Sampson to grooming and lets the groomer know to cut Sampson as short as possible. The groomer questioned the technician if Sampson had received his Trazodone, but she was not sure and rushed to help with the emergency.

The groomer calls Mrs. Difficult to confirm the haircut and if Trazodone was given, but was met with a voicemail. He calls 2 more times with no contact made. The groomer then proceeds so as not to get too far behind schedule.

The groomer begins to shave Sampson, but he is wild and unable to hold still. The groomer works slowly and is able to shave half of Sampson before he attempts to jump from the grooming table causing the groomer to cut Sampson’s skin accidentally with the clippers.

Mrs. Difficult arrives to pick up Sampson only to find a ½ shaved Goldendoodle with staples in his shoulder. Needless to say, she was less than pleased, will not be returning, and is threatening a lawsuit. Not a good day.

Scenario B: Anipanion Telehealth

Upon making a grooming appointment, Mrs. Difficult is signed up to use Anipanion. A video consultation is scheduled with her and the groomer to meet and discuss specifics prior to the grooming appointment.

During the 10 minute conversation, the groomer is made clear on the exact cut that Mrs. Difficult wants for Sampson. She discusses Trazodone with the groomer who advises to use the medication as labeled and prescribed prior to the appointment.

The day of the appointment arrives, the technician receives Sampson from the car, and Mrs. Difficult drives away.

Sampson is calm for his groom as Mrs. Difficult was reminded to give him his medication prior to grooming. Mrs. Difficult was texted when Sampson was ready to go.

Sampson looked radiant and relaxed. Mrs. Difficult was so pleased with his groom and the clear communications she received that she will be transferring all her records to your hospital and tipped graciously.