Telehealth for House Call Veterinary Practices

House call veterinarians provide such a wonderful and intimate service, often treating pets in their living rooms and conversing with clients at their kitchen tables. Clients are attracted to the convenience of a mobile veterinary service as they can keep their pets happy and stress free in their own homes. Pet parents often form deep relationships with the mobile veterinarian since the service is so personalized.

The mobile vet wears many hats as they more often than not schedule all their own appointments and maintain their vehicles and inventories, while treating pets, filling prescriptions, interpreting lab results, performing diagnostics and sometimes surgery, navigating google maps, and maintaining client communications with little to no help! Telehealth with Anipanion can greatly benefit these mobile vets by providing a remote opportunity to provide high quality vet care and minimize time on the road. Clients are also now expecting virtual veterinary care for their pets. Anipanion telehealth will allow house call vets to meet the needs of clients while creating more flexibility in their workday.

Customized Telehealth Schedule
With Anipanion, you can set time to provide real-time video or chat sessions. This can occur at a certain time of day or week that is customizable. Turn the chat feature on and off based on your availability. Schedule video sessions when it works for you. Perhaps allow 1.5 hours of your day devoted to telehealth or schedule 1 day per week in which you do all your telehealth sessions. Maybe Wednesdays and Fridays, you only schedule in home visits in the morning and perform telehealth sessions in the afternoons. The beauty of telehealth is that it can be whatever you need it to be.

Medical Rechecks
Is that wound healing well? Has the lameness improved? Is he taking the Apoquel well? Is she allowing you to instill the eye drops? These are all questions that can be asked remotely using telehealth! Instead of driving to the pet’s home to recheck a medical issue, consider using a telehealth session. Save time, save fuel, reduce maintenance costs and miles on the road by utilizing Anipanion to monitor patients. Telehealth appointments are typically shorter in duration than an in person visit and can be just as effective and impactful.

Lab Results
Share lab results using the chat or video feature instead of the phone. Uncomplicated and non urgent lab results can be sent through the chat feature, while more concerning or complex labwork results can be shared with video. This minimizes phone tag and channels client communications into the Anipanion app instead of your personal cell phone.

ETA Updates
The travel associated with being a housecall vet can provide challenges to your schedule. Traffic, detours, flat tires, bad weather, and absent clients can put a wrench in your day. Keep your client up to date with your whereabouts and estimated time of arrival using Anipanion. This will help to ensure that the client is home at the right time and will use your time effectively.

One of the most valuable ways a house call vet can utilize telehealth is for triage! You have a full day of booked appointments and a long term client wants you to come right away because Fido is sick! There is no ability for you to physically get to the patient today, but you can provide a video session to triage the patient. In under 10 minutes, the patient can be triaged and the pet parents are informed on what to do to help their pet. The clients feel cared for and very satisfied with your accessibility and guidance. Your day can then carry on as planned.

Online Scheduling
Since the majority of a mobile vet’s time is spent driving or in the home of a pet parent, most phone calls from clients are met with voicemail. Allowing pet parents to schedule appointments online will create a more efficient, frictionless process for the vet and the client.

Telehealth is an incredibly useful tool for veterinarians of all types. Offering telehealth does not mean you are available 24/7. With Anipanion, you determine when and how you want to offer a telehealth service. Chances are, you are already offering telehealth in your practice through emails and phone calls. Channeling these communications into Anipanion will create more streamlined client interactions and allow you to meet client demand for virtual healthcare, while creating more flexibility in your vetmed work life.