Telehealth in Clinical Workflows

This session examines common inefficient clinic workflows, including curbside, dropoff, and normal in-clinic appointments. We discuss how these workflows can be made more efficient through use of telehealth as a replacement for phone calls, check-ins, history taking, discharges, and more. Utilizing telehealth as a way to communicate, educate, and create more transparency to both the veterinary team and the pet owner can improve patient care, clinic efficiency, and client satisfaction. Attendees should use this course to examine their current clinical workflows to understand where they can improve efficiency before, during, and after a variety of appointment types.
Dr. Jess Trimble is a veterinarian who is passionate about how virtual health and new technologies can improve the lives of the whole veterinary team and enhance practice operations, while also improving pet health and making care more affordable. She is an experienced general practitioner, telehealth consultant, speaker, and the Chief Veterinary Officer of Anipanion.

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Switching communication about gathering history from phone call to asynchronous chat is considered telemedicine (diagnosis, treatment, and prescription), not telehealth (advice, education, communication).

Telehealth platforms increase efficiency by:

Telehealth services by your hospital team can be provided from anywhere- at home, on the road, or in clinic.

Which of the following should a non-DVM team member (assistant, nurse, CSR) NOT do in a telehealth interaction?

Telehealth services are separate services from in-clinic appointments and can not/should not be combined.