Telehealth in Veterinary Cardiology

Whether you’re a board-certified veterinary cardiologist or a general practitioner with a cardio interest, Anipanion’s telehealth platform is here to provide you and your clients with virtual communication. Integrating telehealth into your practice will not only provide your pet parents with better access, lead to more successful patient medical outcomes, and improve client satisfaction, but will increase your revenue by monetizing your communication.

All pets feel some level of stress when in a vet’s office. This stress added to a cardiac issue could spell disaster. Telehealth offers these patients the ability to be monitored and cared for while stress-free at home. Here are some ways to utilize telehealth for your cardio service:

New Patient

  • Use Anipanion for new patients. Give new clients the option of a personalized meet and greet prior to the appointment so they know what to expect.
  • Schedule a real-time video session to discuss
    • Curbside protocol if applicable
    • Explain what will happen at the appointment
      • Labwork, imaging
    • Provide documents that need signatures
    • Collect deposit if appropriate

Symptoms Check-in

  • For established patients, use real-time video or Anipanion’s chat feature to routinely check in with pet parents and patients.
    • How is the patient doing clinically?
    • Any new or worsening symptoms?
    • Are they taking medications well?
    • Schedule any in person exams and labs needed

Response to Medications

  • Check in with the pet parent after changing the patient’s medications or dosing.
  • Provide any refills or prescriptions needed


  • Check in with your patients 24 hours after surgery without them having to leave home.
  • Discuss eating/drinking/urinating/defecating.
  • Visualize the surgical incision.
  • Ensure patients are taking their medications well.
  • Schedule next telehealth or in hospital recheck.

Test Results

  • There are many diagnostics specific to cardiology. Discuss the results with clients virtually.
  • Free up phone lines and create a more personalized experience.

Wearable Devices

  • Wearable devices are becoming more prevalent in veterinary medicine.
  • Holter monitors, patch ECG monitors, event monitors all collect data remotely.
    • After interpreting the results, discuss diagnosis and treatment plan with the pet parent virtually.

Integration of Anipanion’s telehealth platform to your practice provides more frequent patient monitoring as well as a more personalized and monetized method of communication. Allow your patients better access to your care, increase client compliance, and build better trust with pet parent’s with a telehealth service.